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What Is A Developmental Disability?

The State of Illinois defines a developmental disability as one attributable to mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy or autism, or any other closely related condition  involving impairment of general intellectual functioning and/ or adaptive behavior, similar to that of individuals with mental retardation. The condition manifests itself before the age of 22 and is likely to continue indefinitely.  It results in substantial functional limitations in three or more of the following areas of life activity: self care, language, learning, mobility, self direction, and capacity for independent living.

What Is A Developmental Delay?

A developmental delay for infants and toddlers refers to a finding by a team of professional therapists that a child has a delay of thirty percent or greater in at least one of the developmental milestones or is at significant risk of experiencing a substantial delay

How do you find your way to services?

We understand the confusion and frustration involved in working your way through the social service maze. Below are some answers to common questions to help you understand the process.  Click on the question to see an informative information card.  When you are ready, please call us and ask to speak with a PUNS or PAS intake service coordinator.  Our experienced service coordinators help you, your family member, or friend find and take full advantage of  the services available to you.

How to find your way through the developmental disability system in Illinois

Who is available to guide us?
How do we get started or sign up?
How do we know if we are eligible for these services?
Will I have to wait for these services?
What should we do while we wait?
Understanding Funding
Figuring out what will help when services are available?
Who will provide the services we need?
How do we know things are going the way they are supposed to?
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In light of the current public health crisis facing all communities, Service Inc. of Illinois will continue to follow guidance from the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) and adhere to any local, county or city ordinances and regulations regarding COVID-19. As of July 1, 2020, Service Inc. of Illinois will be opening all office buildings with limited staff and limited hours to mitigate the risk of exposure. Independent Service Coordinators and Service Coordinators are available to support clients and families via phone, email and video platforms.

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