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The education advocate is specially trained under disability law and keeps current on these regulations. Our main goal is to provide resources, tips, and assistance on how to best advocate for your child’s individual needs. We represent the students and guardians in meetings held with school administrators by promoting their needs, interests, and rights. We can help bring clarity to the EIP and transition process.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Individuals with an I/DD diagnosis. Between the ages of 3-22 or before they have recieved their diploma. Students with disabilities who have not had an evaluation for special education services. Students with disabilities in all levels of school, including elementary and secondary schooling.

Executive management

Dan Coffey

Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 815-725-7326

Scott Ripke

Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 815-725-5325

Jennifer Gilmore

Chief Program Officer
Phone: 815-768-4084

Rachael Cimino

Program Director-CFC
Phone: 815-768-3795

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